7 Great Data Sets on Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the biggest diseases afflicting us today. Here are great data sets if you want to better understand the disease. Please add to the comments if I have missed any sources.

UC UC Irvine - Machine Learning Lab Diabetes 130-US hospitals for years 1999-2008 Data Set
The dataset represents 10 years (1999-2008) of clinical care at 130 US hospitals and integrated delivery networks. It includes over 50 features representing patient and hospital outcomes. Information was extracted from the database for encounters that satisfied the following criteria.
(1)    It is an inpatient encounter (a hospital admission).
(2)    It is a diabetic encounter, that is, one during which any kind of diabetes was entered to the system as a diagnosis.
(3)    The length of stay was at least 1 day and at most 14 days.
(4)    Laboratory tests were performed during the encounter.
(5)    Medications were administered during the encounter.
The data contains such attributes as patient number, race, gender, age, admission type, time in hospital, medical specialty of admitting physician, number of lab test performed, HbA1c test result, diagnosis, number of medication, diabetic medications, number of outpatient, inpatient, and emergency visits in the year before the hospitalization, etc.

UC Irvine - Machine Learning Lab Diabetes Glucose Measurement Data Sets

Diabetes patient records were obtained from two sources: an automatic electronic recording device and paper records. The automatic device had an internal clock to timestamp events, whereas the paper records only provided "logical time" slots (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime). For paper records, fixed times were assigned to breakfast (08:00), lunch (12:00), dinner (18:00), and bedtime (22:00). Thus paper records have fictitious uniform recording times whereas electronic records have more realistic time stamps.

Diabetes files consist of four fields per record. Each field is separated by a tab and each record is separated by a newline.

File Names and format:
(1) Date in MM-DD-YYYY format
(2) Time in XX:YY format
(3) Code
(4) Value

CDC Diabetes Data Sets

This data set includes:

Diagnosed Diabetes Prevalence
Diagnosed Diabetes Prevalence by Sex
Diagnosed Diabetes Incidence

National Diabetes Audit, Open data - 2010-2011 - UK

Data Includes:
Audit participation by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs)
Measures about the process of care given to patients.
Information about care outcomes and treatment.
Information about complications and mortality
PCTs are identified by name and their national code. These data do not list individual patient information, nor do they contain any patient identifiable data.
The National Diabetes Audit is a high profile, collaborative, national clinical audit for diabetes. The National Diabetes Audit was run by the NHS Information Centre with Diabetes UK and Yorkshire and Humber Public Heath Observatory, commissioned by HQIP.
The audit aims to improve the quality of care in people with diabetes. It meets the requirements as set out in the NICE guidelines.
The National Diabetes Audit 2010/11 covers the time period from 1 January 2010 up to 31 March 2011 with information from GP Practices and specialist diabetes units in England.

ICPSR Data Public Use Data (2008-10) on Neighborhood Effects on Obesity and Diabetes Among Low-Income Adults

Public Health Statistics- Diabetes hospitalizations in Chicago, 2000 - 2011

This dataset contains the annual number of hospital discharges, crude hospitalization rates with corresponding 95% confidence intervals, and age-adjusted hospitalization rates with corresponding 95% confidence intervals, for the years 2000 – 2011, by Chicago U.S. Postal Service ZIP code or ZIP code aggregate. See the full description at http://bit.ly/Os5wnn.

7 months of Continuous Glucose Monitor Data for 14 year old patient